Jonathan Rhys Meyers Went Full Frontal… AGAIN!

Images via XYZ Films & Magnet Releasing

Jonathan Rhys Meyers bares all!

Meyers recently appeared in a Brazilian action thriller film called Yakuza Princess. Set in the Japanese community within Sao Paulo, Brazil, the largest Japanese diaspora in the world, the film follows an heiress to half of the Yakuza crime syndicate. This heiress, named Akemi (played by musician MASUMI), starts a friendship with an amnesiac stranger (Meyers) who believes an ancient sword has brought their fates together. Akemi then goes to war against the syndicate’s other half as they hunt her down and attempt to kill her.


So far, the film has received mixed reviews with some praising the film’s action and use of violence/death, while others have seen it as uncool and a waste of time. But one thing that has given the movie buzz is the fact that Jonathan Rhys Meyers goes full-frontal (and backside). 

Image via XYZ Films & Magnet Releasing

This isn’t the first time that Jonathan Rhys Meyers has gone full frontal. The actor did it once before in the 2001 film Tangled. In that romantic thriller, Meyers played one-third of a violent love triangle. And his full-frontal scene there also helped to get buzz around the film. And now, two decades later, Meyers is back at it with some eye-catching nude shots.

But that’s not all! On top of that, Meyers revealed that while he was filming The Tudors, he would always film without underwear. That includes the sex scenes.


“I don’t have any lucky underpants,” he told the Evening Standard in 2014. “I’m never wearing underpants when I do those sex scenes. I’m always half naked.”

Head over to our friends at OMG Blog to see the NSFW images.

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9 thoughts on “Jonathan Rhys Meyers Went Full Frontal… AGAIN!”

  1. Sorry ,there is nothing wfmrong eith nudidity on this film!Its part of the movie,Jonathan Rhys Meyers is so talent never does something to offence someone!Its a movie for God shake ,gicmve him a space!I saw 365 days and this movie is more shocking than this,its an movie ,a part of scrmene!Respect him and his family!J is proffesional and talebmnt and when he succeed we here negatives comments!Have no problem with this scene,there are others more shocking than this !

  2. I don’t think the film relies on Jonny’s nude scenes. (Although I don’t mind them) They are part of the scene one might see in a hospital if someone were wandering out of their room. For me the acting is good from all the cast as is the storyline.

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  4. If you have to rely on nudity to try and get people to your movie, acting is not your line of work, maybe try fast food. Here is your first line, “would you like fries with that”? The reviews are not good.

    • Your an idiot. Jonathan does not need to rely on nudity to get people to see his movie. He is awesome actor. You should get your facts straight.


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