Jonathan Van Ness Got Married?!

Image via Instagram @JVN

Congratulations to Jonathan Van Ness and Mark Peacock.

Queer Eye fans got an exciting piece of news at the end of 2020. Jonathan Van Ness got married! … several months ago. The Queer Eye co-host, who is non-binary but goes by he/him pronouns, posted a series of photos and videos to Instagram in order to close out the past year. The photos and videos included moments like JVN speaking at an Elizabeth Warren rally, performing a gymnastics routine, hanging out with his pets, Zooming with the other Fab Five members, and holding hands with a mystery man.


To caption the photos, JVN talked about the fun and accomplishments he had in 2020. One of the most significant lines was when JVN revealed that he had a secret wedding.

Image via Instagram @MarkLondon

“I got married to my best friend [and] have a loving partner to continue building my life with,” Van Ness also wrote. ‘

And indeed, Van Ness included the before mentioned photo of himself holding hands with a mysterious man. The internet’s detectives soon found out that the name of this man is Mark Peacock. Peacock seems to have been living in London in the earlier part of 2020 and later moved to the U.S. to be with Jonathan Van Ness.


“2020 brought on more changes than I’ve ever been a part of before,” Peacock, who’s a fitness instructor who has worked with Men’s Health UK, wrote on his own social media post to close out 2020. “I left London and moved across the Atlantic, got dressed up for numerous seriously hilarious Zoom quizzes, re-discovered a love for gardening, learning to drive on the left, got married to my soulmate and one true love [Jonathan Van Ness] and adopted a little Jack Russell called Pablo and entered a family with 4 amazing cats.”

Image via Instagram @MarkLondon

Congratulations to Jonathan Van Ness, Mark Peacock, and all the adorable fur babies. We wish your family the best in 2021.

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