Jordan Firstman Bares All At Paris Fashion Week

Image via Instagram @jtfirstman

Good for Jordan Firstman! And good for us too!

Comedic impressionist Jordan Firstman is having a great Pride month. Earlier this month, the content creator appeared on the MCU/Disney+ show Ms. Marvel. In addition, he has signed on to appear in Black-ish creator Kenya Barris’ upcoming Netlfix comedy alongside Jonah Hill. And now, the comedian has finished his runway debut.

Firstman not only got to go to Paris Fashion Week, but the comedian and actor really put himself out there while doing it. In a Dangerous Liaisons-themed collection by the Louis Gabriel Nouchi brand, Firstman walked his first runway in… basically nothing. In fact, Firstman wore a open robe with only a small part of the fabric covering his… you know. Though, the model also wore several accessories to give the look a high fashion twist. This includes a beaded necklace, garter socks, and crocs (of all things).

The full fall collection was officially titled “Les Liaisons Dangereuses,” after the 18th-century French novel about the seduction and scandal that upended a pair of lovers-turned-rivals. Designer Louis Gabriel Nouchi said he imagined a modern-day take on the protagonist of that story. Though, he took special inspiration from the 1988 film adaption and male lead John Malkovich. The designer said he wanted to spotlight a parallel between the character’s toxic gossip with today’s need to generate buzz as a fashion brand.

Of course, the label isn’t new to releasing sexy looks. Since its founding in 2017, the brand has previously depicted hairy men in jockstraps or same-sex couples in bed. So, this revealing and daring collection is par-the-course.

Do you want to see more of this recent runway and its many looks? If so, you can check out some photos and videos down below.

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