Joseph Gordon-Levitt: As Snowden In ‘SNOWDEN’ Is More Than Acting This Time Around

We have loved growing up with heart throb / fantasy boyfriend Joseph Gordon-Levitt.  In three weeks time, we'll get our chance to see him on the big screen again in Oliver Stone's 'SNOWDEN.'  The new movie will give us a chance to see JGL and geek out at the same time.  Will Joseph make Edward sexy?  I don't think that is one of his goals, but does he know he can't help it? 

Anyway, here the most recent trailer for SNOWDEN





Maybe I am a little biased, liking JGL for years and Snowden looking like an ex of mine (he often gets questioned and approached as he walks the streets of NYC), but I'll be enjoying what I will be seeing on the big screen.  Yes, it's sure to be a great Oliver Stone movie and besides JGL looking great, did you hear him sounding just like Snowden? I'll see you in the theaters, with my … popcorn in hand.

It's not the only time that Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Edward Snowden have had a connection.  JGL is actually using money from his paycheck (some say his whole paycheck) to fund a "technology and democracy" campaign.  Here's more on that…





Not only is JGL donating SNOWDEN money, he has Snowden helping out in the campaign.  Posted on Joseph Gordon-Levitt's hitRECord YouTube channel is Edward Snowden's version of "It Gets Better" with, of course, a focus on technology.





Good looking, a great actor, and giving back money to help democracy? Just drop the mic already.

We're looking forward to seeing SNOWDEN as well as more posts on hitRECord, but what is the best thing JGL has done? I'll leave you with this … put together a list of Joseph Gordon-Levitt's top 10 performances.  Do you agree with their list?  (some NSFW language and lady bum)




What do you think?