Josh Brolin Poses Nude While Sipping From a Cup Of Coffee: See Pic

Credit: Josh Brolin Instagram

There seems to be a common trend when it comes to Josh Brolin showing off his incredible body on Instagram. He’s been nude numerous times for one, his wife Kathryn is always the one who takes said photos, and his chosen pose is him on his patio furniture outside what appears to be their beach house.


No complaints though! The studly actor once again did his best to break the internet when he posted a picture of him in his birthday suit earlier this week. He lounged with his legs up on a table while sipping from some coffee and looking fine as hell in the process.

“At the end of the day a life will judged by how often you were naked,” he wrote as the photo’s caption. “Nobody told they meant metaphorically.”

There’s a lot to gaze at in this particular pic. For one the 52-year-old appears to be in the best shape of his life as his rock-hard abs and massive thighs are instantly noticeable. He also has no tan lines which leads me to assume that he may bask in the sun completely naked as well. And we can’t forget the breathtaking sunset background!


Who are we kidding, no one is looking at the sand or the sky. We are too busy honing in on Josh’s sexy body. Here’s another example of him in a similar pose. 

Then there’s this 2019 snap where he’s given other uber daddies like Idris Elba and Christopher Meloni a run for their money in the hotness department.

Should Josh go the distance in the future and show it all off now that Playgirl is a thing again? Fingers crossed!

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