Josh Hutcherson Shows His ‘Massive Peen’ in New Hulu Series

Welcome to The Thirst Games gentlemen, where in this situation, you will definitely want to volunteer as tribute.

Josh Hutcherson, who we primarily know from The Hunger Games franchise, has hopped over to television in the new Hulu series called Future Man, which premiered on the streaming service yesterday. 

On the show he plays a guy also named Josh, but with the last name Futturman, who is a janitor by day and a gamer by night.  In the series, he gets recruited to travel through time in an attempt to prevent the extinction of humanity.  Oh, and he's naked… and it's incredible, but somewhat confusing.

In one scene of the show, he meets another version of himself in the future that accidentally swapped dicks with a hung guy while traveling through dimensions.  It turns into a Josh vs. Josh showdown.  This gives a whole new meaning to those guys who airdropped pictures of their dick to others while on the subway.  

Here's the thing: his butt is real, the peen he is rocking however isn't.  Womp womp, but it's pretty hysterical and sexy all at the same time.  Or is it fake?  You be the judge in these pics which can be seen here


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