Josh O’Connor’s Queer Film ‘Bonus Track’ Drops Official Trailer

‘Bonus Track’ is a queer coming-of-age film that is co-written by ‘Challengers’ actor Josh O’Connor alongside Michael Gilbert​, and its official trailer was recently released.


The film is set in the year 2006, and it is centered on the characters George and Max, who are portrayed by Joe Anders and Samuel Small, respectively. The official synopsis of ‘Bonus Track’ reads:

“All socially awkward George cares about is music. When the charismatic Max joins his school, George realizes that he’s the key to writing the perfect song. But George realizes maybe the real prize isn’t winning the talent show… it’s Max.​”

The trailer shows a glimpse of how George and Max’s friendship kicks off with a common love for music. With the help of Max, George wants to prove everyone that he’s not a loser. As they work together, the two grow closer, and feelings begin to unravel.

Moreover, Olly Alexander made an original song for ‘Bonus Track’, and he is also an executive producer of the film. Aside from co-writing the movie, O’Connor is also set to appear in it. Not to mention, the coming-of-age queer romance marks director Julia Jackman’s feature directorial debut.


‘Bonus Track’ initially premiered in 2023 at BFI’s London Film Festival, and it is set to be released on Sky Cinema on June 1, 2024. In the meantime, you can watch the official trailer here:


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