Journalist Digs Into The Life Of Billboard Staple, Angelyne!

Angelyne’s Birth Identity Reveaed!

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How about some gay-pop culture for you? If you’ve ever been to West Hollywood, California, it’s likely you’ve seen a Pesto-Bismol, Pink Corvette roaming the streets. Sometimes, you’ll even catch it parked with the trunk open, displaying tons of memorabilia. Who is driving this car? It’s Angelyne, the 66 year old, self-made celebrity.

Angelyne is widely known in the gay community as she’s been an ally for years and knows where her market is! I will constantly see her hustling on Sunday Fundays, selling autographs and posing for photographs…for money, of course. Angelyne is a self-made celebrity. Before the world of Digital and social media made seemingly anyone grab a taste of fame, Angelyne hustled to get hers. She had billboards of herself…that’s it. Initially promoting a recorded album, the billboard instead introduced Angelyne to the West Coast.



According to Gary Baum at The Hollywood Reporter, he’s discovered Angelyne’s born identity and gets a deeper dig into her life with a solid interview. Her real name, Ronia Tamar “Renee Tami” Goldberg.

“Copies of immigration, marriage and death records pointed to a cloaked prehistory of Renee Tami Goldberg (originally Ronia Tamar Goldberg), which seems to reveal the trauma Angelyne had both emerged and escaped from. She was born in Poland on Oct. 2, 1950, the daughter of Polish Jews who'd met in the Chmielnik ghetto during World War II — they were among 500 to survive out of a population of 13,000, the rest sent to death at Treblinka. She'd have a brief marriage to the son of a Beverly Hills executive, living in Hollywood with him. Goldberg's paper trail ends with their divorce in 1969.”

Baum presses her to release information about her childhood. She gleefully declines.

“When I asked about her family and her past, she described herself as an only child and an orphan. "I lost my parents at a young age," she said, "and because of that, I sought the attention of the world through my tricks. I said, 'Well, I'm going to get the love of the world.' " When I pushed for more, she shut me down. "It's just a long story," she said, the cartoonishly girly lilt of her voice gone flat. "I don't want to get into it. I made my way here."



New perks listed on Angelyne's Indiegogo… including a secret perk! cred: @j_moncrief

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I quite like Angelyne. The point of Baum's interview was to reveal the true identity of Angelyne. I believe Angelyne is her true identity. She’s made herself, as the article repeats numerous times. Yes, she nickels and dimes you if you give her attention, but she’s really entertaining, sweet, and hustles! She’s been advertising herself and making a money with her brand, which is essentially her face and car, since before I was born. I’ll occasionally see bar patrons teasing her, but I’m pretty sure Angelyne is in on the joke. I mean, you are making fun of her and taking photographs with her…but you’re still putting money into her hand. I'll be celebrating right along side her. Live your life and get your money, girl!

Baum does extensive research into Angelyne in grand measure. There’s so much I can’t even process it! You need to head over to The Hollywood Reporter to read the rest!

Check out Baum’s full interview and article here!

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