Joy Behar: “The Black Community Had My Back!”

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The View’s Latest, Biggest Blowout Proves The 2020 Election Is Going To Be Messy For Daytime TV

The fiery co-hosts of The View are back and are ready to make possibly the biggest rating in the show’s history. Whether we like them all or not, the core-four of Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar, Sunny Hostin, and Meghan McCain (with lesser extent the late re-addition of Sara Haines) are without question mesmerizing television due to their abrasive personalities that continue to clash each day. This week alone, the ladies have butted heads over the Trump Administration’s Supreme Court Justice nomination, mostly helmed by McCain’s favorable opinion of probable nominee, Amy Coney Barrett. But, that’s not exactly what set the stage ablaze. Seemingly following in fellow Conservative Judge Jeannine Pirro’s footsteps, a blossoming face in the Republican party stirred the pot and set off the co-hosts.


On Fridays, Goldberg takes a day off to relax and has maddening Ana Navarro keeping the fifth panel seat warm. Last Friday, rising Republican House of Representatives candidate, Kim Klacik, was invited on the show by McCain to discuss her view and the obscene amount of attention she has been getting in recent months after releasing a show-stopping political advertisement in an effort to win a seat to represent Maryland’s District 7 AKA Baltimore. Klacik’s advertisement for her campaign was wildly well received and landed her a seal of approval from current President, Donald Trump, who she is a supporter of. Certainly this wasn’t going to sit well with Behar or Hostin who have vehemently denounced the current administration.

Some quick background on Klacik: Born and raised in Accokeek, Maryland is trying to usurp the late Elijah Cummings seat. Despite being a college dropout, in 2013 she founded a nonprofit, Potential Me, that provides employment assistance and professional clothing for women. In April 2020, the thirty-eight-year-old married mother lost a special election to Kweisi Mfume, a Democrat, but she isn’t giving up and continues her battle to represent Baltimore. But, let’s get to her pointed interview on The View.

Instantly Klacik is introduced by Behar who you can tell truly doesn’t want to acknowledge her. Behar passes the reign of the conversation to McCain and the women politely go back and forth with Klacik continuing her stance that Trump has been great for the black community during his presidency and the fifty-three-year Democratic leadership in Baltimore has failed their communities – it’s why she released her advertisement walking around to show the damage. Then, she gets to Hostin – who throws some shade at the hopeful candidate by saying she lived in Baltimore and Klacik has never been a citizen. Behar inserts herself back into the conversation and mentions Republicans have blocked another stimulus bill that would award American citizens. Navarro chimes in listing off some racist antics in Trump’s history, including his comments on The (exonerated) Central Park Five, which Klacik declares she doesn’t believe the President is racist. Check out this exchange below before mud is really thrown at the fan.




After taking a breather and a quick break, the ladies return with Klacik. Her and McCain exchange stories on being a Conservative woman in America – with Klacik mentioning she was offended when Joe Biden infamously stated “you ain’t black” if you won’t vote for him. Hostin butts in stating her confusion on Klacik’s logic, especially why Klacik isn’t a supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement. Klacik believes the BLM movement has been hijacked by rioters and she isn’t sure what the demands are of the movement now. This is when it gets messy: They discuss COVID-19. Like lightening, Behar talks of Trump’s downplaying of the current Coronavirus pandemic and demands Klacik place blame on him. Klacik tells Behar she shouldn’t be asking her questions after Behar paraded around in blackface. Behar pops off claiming that the black community had her back during her apology of the incident. Klacik proclaims the black community has her back – which sets Hostin off. Hostin tells the black community doesn’t have her back – they didn’t vote for her in April when she lost the special election and asks Klacik: “What planet are you living on? Wow!” The women then all bounce over one another while McCain asks her co-hosts to be respectful. Behar immediately ends the interview and it’s likely that if this was in person and not virtual, she would’ve been thrown off the stage ala Pirro in 2019. Check out the wild exchange below:


This seems to be constant behavior from the more unwavering Democratic co-hosts: Their Conservative guests never get to promote what they came on the show for and instead have to defend themselves from the jump. Last year we watched as Goldberg threw Pirro off the stage, former White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders received unrest from Behar and Hostin when she was there to promote her new novel, and now Klacik is the latest in a long line of guests who have been flamed compared to being coddled and enjoyed like the most recent interview with Chelsea Clinton. The View is supposed to have literal viewpoints from all sides and while it’s absolutely great television, you can’t help but realize that it’s giving anyone who thinks opposite more examples to claim the likes of Behar and others are unhinged and suffer from what many people call Trump Derangement Syndrome. Let’s manifest we can have some civil conversations with Conservatives moving ahead into the election than spoon fed interviews with Liberals, because The View could be causing a huge divide with their audience. If this is any example of what the next interviews leading up to the 2020 Election are going to be like… we are indeed in for a reckless ride.

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