Julian Serrano Brings His Cakes To A Video Remake Of Kanye’s ‘Fade’ And Wow!

If you're a fan of twerking, you know Julian Serrano.  He's been shaking that booty all over the place.  And he's back with some more shaking, but this time, he's showing a lot more.

A couple of his booty shaking performances have been burned into my memory. 

The first time I saw Julian Serrano shaking those cakes, it made me wake up for breakfast early every day to see if he was in my kitchen serving up the goodies.  Here he is dancing to 'Pretty Gang.'  Besides being full of gyrating booty, these videos could be considered NSFW because of the colorful language used in most of the music.





Someone else noticed his talents a little before I did.  Julian was booked to perform on stage with Ciara at LA Pride in June of 2013





Having a booty like that does get you places right into a video cover of Jennifer Lopez's (feat. Iggy Alalea)  'Big Booty' song in December 2014





Those were all good, and there are some other of his videos that are truly "uplifting," but now Julian has a new video out and he's taking a cue from Kanye West's 'Fade.'

The original Teyana Taylor is an amazing dancer and a beautiful woman and the video's star.  If you haven't seen it, 'Fade' is listed as EXPLICIT for some of it's side boob action, the sexual shower scene, and then there's the sheep with a baby and … anyway.   I know we have some LBT's that may be into that.  Click on the pic below and that will bring you Kanye's NSFW original video.


And now to the new video, 'Fade' by Julian Serrano. There's not as much twerking in it, but I'm not upset at all. Julian took wardrobe direction from Teyana and OH MY!




So, not as much twerking if any, but I didn't mind one bit.  Did you?

What did you think of the video?

Where was that final shower scene in Julian's version?

Is twerking dead? 


h/t: vimeo and youtube.


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