Julian Torres Breaks Down The Myths That Plague The Adult Industry

Credit: Julian Torres

Performers in the adult industry are judged on a totally different level compared to the millions of people who watch them. There is an incredible contradiction in that the trolls and haters out there who pick apart these people are sometimes the ones that enjoy them the most from behind a computer or television screen.

Because of this there are still a ton of myths and misconceptions about porn stars regardless of the type of work they are putting out there. Being a celebrated person in the adult business can have its perks but can also be very frustrating from a mental point of view as you are constantly having to deal with the negative Nancy’s who always have something to say about who you are when most of the time what they are talking about isn’t true.


Julian Torres, a relative newbie to the porn world who we’ve featured here on Instinct in the past, chatted with us about said myths and his blunt thoughts on the people who criticize him and any others for their line of work. Take a look.

Credit: @maleandsoul

What do you think is the biggest misconception surrounding porn stars today? 

Being in the adult entertainment industry can be as isolating as being an addict. People will always make the assumption that if you work in the sex industry then you are a drug addict or to be able to do anything like you see in a porn movie, you need some kind of “enhancer”.  


On the other hand, people will always relate porn to a lack of education or somebody who is not academically prepared and that the only option they have to be able to survive is to do sex work.  

In my case, I used to be a college professor at a public university. I have a master’s degree in applied linguistics. I taught Phonetics and phonology, morphosyntax and linguistics. When you become an immigrant, your life can change in a heartbeat and things can be as hard as you work. This just happened to me. Furthermore, I have never used any type of drugs in my life nor, smoked a cigarette. I would say I have always tried to live a balanced life without being consumed by so much sex and isolation.  

There is this idea that people in your industry can’t get real world jobs. Is that true or false? 

This is 100% false. People think that the only option you have is to do porn because your face is already online, and everybody knows who you are. However, there are many jobs that don’t require you to be visibly present. For me, it is just a matter of perspective as you see yourself. I have learned working in this industry that the people who “live a normal life” tend to be the piggiest ones. It is like people who go to church on Sunday just to wash off their sins from Saturday. I know I got off the topic a little, but it is just thinking in general about the same topic.  


You also have to deal with this nasty stigma anytime a porn star dies. So many people jump to conclusions by thinking it’s drugs or alcohol related. What do you have to say to those who are quick to assume? 

This is similar to what happened back in the 80’s and 90’s that whenever a gay person died, they assumed it was AIDS. I would just tell other gays to stop judging one another and have a more open mind about sex. I am sure I am not so much different than my neighbor next door.  

Credit: @maleandsoul

Do you think that a lot of men in your industry lead healthy, well-balanced lives off camera? 


It has been my own experience that a lot of performers let themselves be consumed by this way of living. Not a lot of people live balanced lives. However, I have many friends who are performers, and they live a very well-balanced life. Those are the people I always try to keep around.  

Have you ever had to deal with someone shaming you for what you do personally, and if so, how did you handle it? 

Yes, I actually have dealt with this a lot. I consider myself to be a very mature person and whenever somebody tries to shame me by what I do, that’s a sign of weakness. I just ignore people. Believe me, all what they want is your attention so there is no better way to attack them than just ignoring them.  

In conclusion, what is the one thing you want to say to men who are very judgmental about your career? 

According to Psychology Today73 percent of women and 98 percent of men reported internet porn use in the last six months, for a total of 85 percent of respondents. I feel very fortunate to be able to help somebody fantasize about their sexuality. I would just tell people not be afraid of exploring new sides of their animal instinct. Sex is a basic need and as a doctor provides a service, a therapist provides a service. A sex worker also provides a service and an experience. We all know this is natural human behavior or just human nature. Just because I do this type of work, that doesn’t make me less or more of a person as anybody.  

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