Julie Andrews Surprised Jennifer Garner With A Phone Call & This Is What Happened

We always knew Katie Couric had the innate ability to sometimes bring her interview subjects to tears, but who knew that she had the ability to grant wishes as well? On a recent episode of her podcast Next Question, Julie Andrews was the featured guest and called Garner at the request of the podcast host. 

Initially shocked (to say the least) Garner quickly found out that she and Andrews are both members of the same mutual admiration society. “I am a huge fan. I love what you do,” Andrews expressed to Garner. “Katie was just telling me you’re pretty admiring of me too, so I thought, ‘Well let’s just have a chat!'” Garner was beyond starstruck, kicking a leg into the air, wiping tears of joy away, and even falling to the ground in complete disbelief after realizing that she had finally had an intimate moment with one of her true idols. 

This is not the first time that the entertainment icon brought Garner to tears. At a recent sing-a-long of The Sound Of Music at the Hollywood Bowl, Garner found herself brought to tears by the iconic music that so many of us fell in love with as children. 

Catch Julie Andrews and more future guests on Katie Couric’s “Next Question” here

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