Jussie Smollett May Have Practiced His Hoax

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Chicago Prosecutor Claims Evidence Of Smollett & The Osundairo Brothers Staging Hoax Exists

Finally after nearly three years, the most dramatic storyline of Empire actor, Jussie Smollett’s life is coming to a close – and that could very well end up with some jail time in Chicago’s Cook County Prison. By now, you for sure know that Smollett was alleged to have experienced a racist and homophobic hate crime against him in winter 2019 amid a literal Polar Vortex in Chicago while he went to get a Subway sandwich around 2AM. The media went wild with his self-proclaimed story – especially since Smollett went on news networks talking about this alleged crime and insinuated that it was supporters of then-President Donald Trump – so this story quickly turned political. Smollett was boasted and praised by celebrities and politicians alike, such as Alyssa Milano, then-Ellen/Elliot Page going on Stephen Colbert’s nighttime show with a mish mosh of words for Trump and then-Vice President Mike Pence, Harry Potter’s Emma Watson, then-Presidential candidate Joe Biden, and Kamala Harris, who is quoted saying Smollett’s alleged attack was a “modern day mob lynching.” While LGBTQ+ persons are attacked in lump sums, this story gained global attention because Smollett was a celebrity on one of the most popular primetime series at the time – and he created it to be political. This was all turned around when Chicago police began finding evidence that Smollett staged this crime. His two attackers ended up being two background actors on Empire and personal trainers, Abimbola and Olabinjo Osundairo, one of whom Smollett was allegedly ‘friendly’ with. Video evidence currently exists of the brothers purchasing the ‘weapons’ used in the alleged hate crime – and the Osundairo brothers claimed Smollett asked their help to stage the attack. Since then, charges were dropped against Smollett, then refiled, and he has claimed to be innocent and the victim of the crime – and that the police are setting him up rather than trying to help him. Alas, Smollett is finally in a Chicago courthouse paying his dues and it’s not looking too good for him so far.


According to The Chicago Tribune, Chicago Prosecutor, Dan Webb, claims Smollett and the Osundairo brothers went through a practice run of the hoax a day beforehand in his opening remarks. Video evidence also shows Smollett walking up to his apartment with a noose dangling from around his neck, to which he tightened before police showed up to investigate his crime. The brothers’ lawyer, Gloria Rodriguez, also claims that her clients will be key witnesses in ensuring Smollett’s guilty verdict as they were directed where to harm him – in front of surveillance cameras – that Smollett pointed out to the brothers a day prior, scream pro-Trump rhetoric as they fled the scene, and also received checks worth thirty-five-hundred-thousand-dollars to perform the hoax from Smollett himself.

Jury candidates were asked if they had heard about the ongoing case, seen Smollett’s popular Fox series, were actively involved in celebrity gossip, and belong to any civil rights or anti-police groups. The verdict is expected to come sometime next week. Legal experts believe Smollett will be found guilty.

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Source: TMZ, The Chicago Tribune, NBC, Fox

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  1. Emmitt Till’s accuser, Carolyn Dunham, is still alive. She admitted she lied about an attack that led to the torture and murder of an innocent 14 year old. She has never been punished because they claim the statute of limitations has run out. I thought there was no time limit on murder? She knew that her actins could lead to his death. If they let her get away with a lie that led to murder why are they pursuing an actor for a lie that had less fatal results?

  2. At first I thought he was telling the truth and was standing by a fellow gay man after a tragic hate crime, but it seems like he faked the whole thing which taints actual gay hate crimes so it angers me.


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