Just For Ballers! New Mini Testicle Jacuzzi …Yup, That’s A Thing

As we inch our way closer and closer to the holiday gift-giving season, we are faced once again with the daunting task of finding the perfect gifts for the men in our lives. Well, aftershave, neckties, and golf clubs be damned, this year, give those guy’s balls their very own spa day! That’s right; forget about heading to the mall this year. Instead, head on over to Testicuzzi, and buy your man his very own warm, bubbly jacuzzi for his testicles.  

Not since the Jeado “speedo” has their been such a buzz about cool new things made for boys. At first glance, the Testicuzzi seems like the ultimate gag gift or stocking stuffer –but no. The good folks over at Testicuzzi have taken your ball’s comfort to the next level with a molded, testicle-shaped, mini-hot tub for your dangly bits.

Ideally made for the overtly active man who could use some relaxation after a hard day of activity, the Testicuzzi started as just a funny concept between friends. It’s sort of like when I watch Shark Tank and start coming up with all kinds of craziness the world hasn’t asked for. I never follow through though, unlike these guys who decided to really get on the ball(s) and bring their concept to life!  

Check out the actual product description:

The Testicuzzi is the perfect gift for the man that genuinely cares about his testicles hap-penis. One dunk of the boys into this fine testicle jacuzzi is sure to tickle your fancy and sooth your manliness.

The Testicuzzi features an ultra-soft pre-cast silicone pillow to rest your largest member on, a deep reservoir to dunk the tea bag into, battery-powered bubbles and hours of pleasure.


I have to admit I’m very intrigued by this little tub for the testies. I’m thinking of buying one for myself but I wonder though if its a one-size-fits-all sort of thingy? With just one quick (or long) glance in a men’s locker room, it’s evident that all sacks are not the same. So did they do their due diligence and come up with an entirely new sizing convention, perhaps: S, M, L, XL, Baseball, Coconut, MOOSE?

I mean, the promise of comfort is a big part of this product’s appeal and nobody likes crushed nuts…or at least I don’t.

Regular and gold Testicuzzi product shots

Other than the size concern, it seems Testicuzzi has thought of everything with their fabulous gonad-gadget, including a soft pillowy surface to lay your meat while you poach your potatoes. And for the man who really does have everything, you can even purchase a 14K gold-plated Testicuzzi for just $10,000! Sounds like a perfect gift for Melania to give Donald Trump, then again, maybe not – balls not included.

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