“Just Friends” or “Gewoon Vrienden” Is A Hot Gay Rom-Com To Look Out For

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In this post, we're sharing with you guys a steamy gay film to look out for.

Keep in mind, this is sadly not the next Love, Simon with a big production company for us all to go see. This is a smaller tv movie that’s more indie, but made a splash for its provocative scenes.

The movie we’re talking about is Just Friends or Gewoon Vrienden as its known in its native Dutch.

The tv film focuses around two men who are falling in love, but have to deal with their overbearing mothers getting in the way of their relationship.

Want more details?

Well, the plot starts off with a man named Joris and his mother. Joris’s mom has become addicted to getting surgeries, so Joris hires Yad, a man similarly addicted to coke, to help his mother around the house.

But then, the two men get to know each other and realize that they’re falling in lust and love with each other. But, who’s gonna tell their disapproving mothers?

If that story sounds ok to you or if you are not fully convinced, let us tell you that there is a lot of steamy scenes to keep your attention.

While the tv film hasn’t been released in any English format yet, the movie has caused a bit of a splash its native country of the Netherlands. Because of that, there’s talk of it being transferred to Netflix and possibly getting an English dubbing or subbing.

So, look out for the steamy film about two “friends” getting up close and personal (and their mother’s heckling them in-between hot and heavy scenes).

But still need some more convincing? Head over to CocktailsAndCockTalk (site NSFW) to get an intimate look at some of those delicious scenes.

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