Gay Politician’s Banner Vandalized In Kansas City

Image via Justice Horn @JusticeHorn_ on Twitter.

An LGBTQ activist and candidate for office is standing up against homophobia.

Justice Horn is a former NCCA wrestler from Missouri. After retiring from sports, Horn has set his eyes on politics and serving his community. Specifically, Horn is running to serve Jackson County’s first district on the Jackson County Legislature. If elected, Horn would be the first openly gay person of color elected to local office in Kansas City. Some have seen this as exciting news, but not everyone’s happy.


On Monday, July 4, Justice Horn shared on Twitter that one of his banners had been defaced. The banner, which shows Horn in front of the inclusive Pride flag, was hung on the 4600 block of Campbell Street. Vandals, however, found the banner and sprayed the F slur across the campaign sign.

“I’ll admit, this one hurt because like so many of us who experience this, this word is used to harm us,” Horn wrote on Twitter. “Either way, I’m not going to back down and I’m holding my head high.”


Horn planned to hold a press conference for Tuesday, July 5, at the site of the banner. Justice Horn’s campaign asked for community members and LGBTQ+ folks “to come out and stand with me against this hate.” Unfortunately, that conference was never held. The campaign sign was “ripped off and stolen” prior to the meeting.


Talking to The Kansas City Star, Horn noted: “It’s a big eye-opener to what it’s like running openly as a queer person. This stuff is hard and we’re gonna face push back from folks who don’t change.”

Thankfully, Justice Horn hasn’t had to bear the situation alone. Many Kansas City residents have backed up the political candidate by placing campaign banners on their front lawns.


Then this morning, two community members came forward as witnesses to the initial vandalism. Thanks to this, Justice Horn has decided to report the incident to the hate crimes division of the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Kansas City office.


“First, I want to thank the two community members who came forward and stated they’d help identify the individual who targeted not only me, but the entire LGBTQ+ community,” wrote Horn on Twitter. “I have immense faith in the FBI’s work to ensure that this is a fair and thorough process.”

He added, “Lastly, I want folks to understand that this issue is bigger than myself. We have to call out, challenge, and hold accountable those who seek to do harm to our community. This can become a slippery slope that’ll lead to more egregious anti-LGBTQ+ acts. We have to stop this here.”

As the story continues, Instinct Magazine has reached out to Justice Horn for comment. We will update this article should he or his campaign team respond.

Source: The Kansas City Star,

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  1. Thank gawd you blurred the word written on that banner. I don’t know if my heart could have handled it.

    Seriously… are we that fragile?!

    • No, but censors are and people report gay magazine sites all the time for the littlest things that may appear on Facebook


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