Justice League Review!

Justice League Review!

Warning: Spoilers Ahead!

As like the rest of the globe, I recently saw the latest DC film, Justice League this weekend. While I may not be an exact fan of comics, I will see any superhero movie; especially when they are all grouped together! Who reading this can deny that they wouldn’t want to see Gal Gadot’s Woman Wonder kick super villain butt!? Oh, and you know, the absolute sexiest men on the screen this year. We got FIVE of them – yes, five! Openly Queer, Ezra Miller, Ray Fisher, Ben Afleck, Henry Cavill, and Jason Momoa sizzled as they represented some of Earth’s mightiest heroes! I’m aware that we all know how hunky the heroes are, and we have our choice favorite, so let’s brush pass the eye candy and dive into the story. Was Justice League a quality film or are we being blinded by beauty?! Hmm…

Again, let this be a warning that I have a big mouth so the rest of this post is full of spoilers!

Justice League opens with the world mourning the death of Superman, including his mother and Lois Lane (Amy Adams). Honestly, their scenes got me a little teary eyed. Adams is incredible in any film she’s in. Her powerhouse emotions make you feel for her. Oh, and Batman also misses Superman and is pretty pressed on trying to get him to come back to life, or at least what Superman stood for: Justice.

The big bad of the film is Steppenwolf, who is a character I had never heard of until literally tonight. Steppen is searching for three mother boxes, which apparently when united, will bring hell to Earth. It’s a little confusing and falls short on if like, the world is really going to be taken over. With the Marvel films, at least it’s apparent that some craziness is about to go down. Steppen never gives the audience fear, which is essential for any evil villain! Steppen eventually gets two boxes: One from the Amazionian ladies and another from the lost city of Atlantic. The next he has to find is somewhere on Earth and was hidden by mankind, not anyone with particular superpowers.

So, Batman and Wonder Woman are totally in this deep. They can’t battle Steppen alone, so it’s up to them to recruit three mega hunks – The Flash, Aquaman, and Cyborg. The Flash comes quite easy and packed with unnecessary one liners in an attempt to make him, I’m not sure- relatable to the audience? While Miller’s Flash has sexiest outfit, seriously – those cakes – he would’ve been more remarkable if he wasn’t fanning out at any given moment. They dumb him down a little and it unfortunately doesn’t showcase Miller’s acting abilities well. Eventually, Cyborg and Aquaman join the super squad after some debate.

Then, it turns out Cyborg has hidden mankind’s Mother Box. He’s even a part of it. It’s pretty cool and gave Cyborg a lot of airtime and background. I truly believed he’d be ignored most of the film, but he’s a huge part in saving the day – and resurrecting Superman. Yes, the heroes use the Mother Box to bring Superman back to life. Superman is really pissed at first, but eventually calms down upon seeing his fiancée, Lois Lane. Now, we’re at a team of six to take on Steppen and his bug/robotic army. I’m still scratching my head to exactly what the evil beings were. We were suppose to know?!

There’s tons of CGI going on that it’s pretty much a distraction from the plot. But, anytime I see Superman on the screen, my eyes are glued. The plot didn’t really become important with the amount of Thirst Traps in one frame. Of course, the heroes sloppily defeat Steppenwolf and save the Earth. The end of the film teases more heroes in future films. In a post-credit scene, Lex Luthor (Jesse Eisenberg) greets another gorgeous man, Deathstroke (Joe Manganiello) and talks about forming their own, Injustice League.

If you haven’t seen the film by now, you probably should. What else is out, right? But, don’t get your hopes up that you’ll be seeing a film that will be nominated for Best Picture at the Oscars. The plot falls short, but it is so much fun to see our favorite superheroes on screen and well, the guys. Aquaman and Superman are shirtless nearly the entire time – don’t pass that up!

Rather than CGI bad guys, I hope in the future DC will have our favorite heroes fighting against our favorite villains! It would be lovely to see Harley Quinn and The Joker battling against Wonder Woman and the rest of the gang we’re falling in love with.

What did you think of the live action Justice League film?!

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