Justice Served — UK Man Who Murdered BF in Dorm Sentenced to Life


A horrific story coming out of the UK today. A young man was just sentenced to life in prison for the brutal murder of his boyfriend in September 2022. The more facts you read about this case the more horrific and heartbreaking it is.

Aaron Ray will not be eligible for parole for at least 22 years after he was convicted in the brutal, senseless murder of his 24-year-old boyfriend, Jason Brockbanks. Ray murdered Brockbanks after finding messages from other men to Brockbanks on a dating app. Ray claimed he murdered his boyfriend of three months in self-defense even though Brockbanks was stabbed multiple times as he was sleeping. 

Victim Jason Brockbanks, 24.

In a retelling of that fateful night’s event Justice Spencer reiterated over and over that Ray showed no remorse for what he had done,

“I find, when he was attacked, Jason was asleep under his duvet, defenceless and in no position to defend himself against your attack. You have shown no remorse for your actions. You didn’t call the emergency services to help Jason. He was bleeding profusely from the wounds, blood soaked through his duvet and sheet. He fell to the floor beside his bed, the duvet fell onto the floor and covered his phone. That’s why, I find, he didn’t call for help himself. He attempted to stand up, find his way to the bathroom, collapsed in the shower cubicle and bled to death. The situation was retrievable, had you sought help but you didn’t.

Aaron Ray, 22, as described by the judge was “possessive, jealous and violent” and “deceitful, dishonest and when drunk highly dangerous”. 


Knowing their son died alone and could have been saved is too much for his family to bear. In his victim statement Chris Brockbanks, Jason’s father said,

“To know Jason died slowly and alone will haunt us for the rest of our lives. To hear his death was possibly avoidable if assistance had been sought is truly heartbreaking for us. We believe Jason spent his last moments looking for his mobile phone to call for help but he was unable to find the phone due to the defendant has been the last person to use it. I will never comprehend how a human being could walk away from Jason, lying injured in his room in such a cruel and callous manner.”

Rest in Power Jason Brockbanks. 





Sources: Daily Mail

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