Justin Bieber’s Shorts Ride Low in New Pics

So, I'm not the biggest Justin Bieber fan (his music is good though), however I will say that he has become quite a piece of man candy over the past year or so.  His latest pics sort of prove that theory, as the thirst level for him as of late can reach a whole aisle at a convenience store at this point.

Justin was recently seen enjoying some time off in Los Angeles, after he cancelled the rest of the dates for his Purpose World Tour.  The pics (seen here) show the "Sorry" singer strolling along in a pair of low-riding shorts, sneakers and black socks.  

He's essentially worked very hard on his body as well as his extensive tattoos that he has had done, which honestly look quite good on him.  God, maybe I'm becoming a "Belieber" in the process of all of this, but damn he looks good.  Take all the time you want off Justin, it's doing you well. 

What do you think of Justin's physique? 

1 thought on “Justin Bieber’s Shorts Ride Low in New Pics”

  1. He has a beautiful physique

    He has a beautiful physique but as so many men with killer bodies have done these days, he has plastered it with dumbass tattoos. It's like letting a 6 year old finger paint over Michaelangelo's David. I just don't get it. And for the love of God, please stop calling them 'tats'. 

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