Justin Timberlake Gets Downright ‘Filthy’ in His New Music Video

2018 is definitely starting off in a big way for music superstar Justin Timberlake, who after teasing fans earlier this week with a video discussing his upcoming album Man of the Woods, he has now released the video for this first single from it, simply called "Filthy."

The video was released on Thursday, and already has over 7 million views on it's official YouTube link.  He appears to look very Steve Jobs in the vid, where he comes out to a staged audience looking very similar to the Apple tycoon, with robots and dancers getting down on stage.

The song and video so far has received mixed reaction so far, with it's official link getting a massive 34,000 down vote compared to a 163,000 up vote.  What's leaving people confused on it is that the promo video for Man of the Woods makes it seem like this album will bring more of a country aesthetic, as he said the inspiration comes from where he's originally from (Memphis, Tennessee).

The song itself has a bit of a "Sexyback" edge to it, and would make sense to be upbeat given that he will most likely include this in his set for the 2018 Super Bowl for which he will be performing next month as the halftime headliner.  

This song could potentially be another number one debut, similar to what he did with "Can't Stop The Feeling" in 2016, however it currently sits at number two on the iTunes chart behind Bruno Mars' new song "Finesse" featuring Cardi B.  Hmm… interesting.

You be the judge, do you like Justin's new song and video? 

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