Justin Timberlake Reveals The Inspiration Behind ‘D*ck In A Box’

Credit: Screenshot via YouTube

Sexy Justin Timberlake appeared on the season finale of the popular YouTube series Hot Ones on Thursday, April 9, where he discussed a bevy of topics about his personal and professional life while holding back the years as he bit into many spicy wings. Yummy all around.

The Tennessee native has no doubt had some memorable moments happen throughout his 20-plus year in the industry. One of the funnier ones happened when he and members of The Lonely Island (Andy Samberg, Jorma Taccone, Akiva Schaffer) debuted the song and music video to “D*ck in a Box” as a Saturday Night Live digital short on December 16, 2006.


It became a viral sensation after its release, garnering over 35 million views online. The track even inspired not one but two sequels that were released in the years to come: “Motherlover” and “3-Way (The Golden Rule)” featuring Lady Gaga.

The 39-year-old discussed “D*ck in a Box” during his sit-down with the super cute Sean Evans where he revealed how *NSYNC, the boy band that made him famous in the late 90’s, played a hysterical role in helping him and Andy Samberg create those legendary costumes that were seen at many Halloween parties in the years to come.


“We were, like, ‘What if we came up with, like, a duo of guys who are still stuck in a time and a certain style with, like, the silk suits and the herringbone chains and the well and meticulously sculpted facial hair—am I describing NSYNC?,” he joked after “tripping” from the ghost peppers. “This is weird. I just realized that we took so much from those groups. Holy shit.” 

Justin also discussed his long-running relationship with Timbaland and them working on one of his most iconic songs “Cry Me A River” (you know, the one that had the Britney Spears lookalike in the video), helping Beyonce create the beat for the freestyle rap “Yonce” featured in her song “Partition” and so much more.

Watch the clip above!

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