Jwan Yosef Addresses Divorce from Ricky Martin for the First Time

For the first time after announcing their divorce, Jwan Yosef broke his silence about the matter during a guerrilla interview by Hoy Dia.

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On July 6, the former couple announced their separation via a joint statement. Part of their Instagram post reads:


“For some time, we have considered transforming our relationship, and it is after careful consideration that we have decided to end our marriage with love, respect, and dignity for our children – preserving and honoring what we have experienced as a couple all of these wonderful years.

Our greatest desire now is to continue having a healthy family dynamic and a relationship centered on our genuine friendship as we continue the joint upbringing of our children.”

More recently, Yosef addressed his divorce from Martin during a guerrilla interview by Hoy Dia, which he seems to be not thrilled with. When asked about their separation, he just simply answered either:

“This is not a good place.”


“I’m in a good place.”

Although it’s not clear… The 38-year-old Swedish-Syrian painter and artist was then urged to say more, to which he responded:


“It’s all well.

The kids are happy and we’re happily separated.”

Moreover, he was asked about who initiated the divorce. Yosef only laughed and stated:

“Thank you so much!”

Here’s the video of the guerrilla interview:


Source: queerty.com

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  1. I read that as an openly gay, Syrian-born immigrant raised in a Stockholm ghetto, artist Jwan Yosef consistently found himself part of “the other.” Which makes me sad because I know that feeling of not belonging.


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