Ka-Pow! Batman Goes Completely Nude in DC’S Black Label Comics

DC recently announced that their DC Black Label comics series would feature mature content. Well, they’ve delivered on their promise.

These snaps are from the first issue of Batman: Damned by Brian Azzarello and Lee Bermejo.

For ages, comics have depicted female characters in gratuitously sexy outfits, poses—and often just pure gratuitous nakedness. The decision to take Batman down this road was a bold one by Azzarello and Bermejo, and so far the response has been purely positive. Many are saying this is the first time a DC or Marvel hero has gone full frontal.

We have some context thanks to Screen Rant. In the first issue of Batman: Damned, Bruce Wayne has survived multiple stab wounds. After waking up in John Constantine’s apartment, his wounds are gone, Joker has been murdered, and he’s completely disoriented. He’s wandering around naked because he’s not playing with a full deck at the moment.

Wayne has Jewish family on his mother’s side. Take a close look at these drawings. Does this mean we can start calling him the Cut Crusader?

To check out the Bat-Pole, follow the NSFW jump to Screen Rant.


h/t:  ScreenRant

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