Karamo Brown Goes Almost Commando in New Modeling Photos

Queer Eye star Karamo Brown has definitely gotten our attention in more ways than one ever since he emerged on MTV's The Real World over a decade ago. 


There is so much about him that evokes the two words "turn on", that it's hard to pinpoint just one aspect. Good looks? Of course. Drive and determination? Yup.  The way he cares about the men he makes over on Queer Eye as well as people in real life? Ding ding. 

His physical aesthetic earned him a side job on top of being a television personality recently, when major modeling brand Wilhelmina signed him in mid-March.  Not sure if the below photo set is with Wilhelmina directly, but it definitely showcases his assets in a truly beautiful way that needs to be seen. 

Thanks to Cocktails and Cocktalk for posting these amazing photos.  Take a look for yourself here (slightly NSFW). 


2 thoughts on “Karamo Brown Goes Almost Commando in New Modeling Photos”

  1. “almost Commando” means you

    "almost Commando" means you forgot your underwear and put your pants on then you remembered it, took your pants back off and put the underwear on.

    I have always been hard on gay Publications allowing uneducated bullshit that would not be on straight Publications


  2. Going “almost commando?”

    Going "almost commando?" Going commando means not wearing any underwear WHILE wearing undergarments. In one pic he is buck naked, in another he is wearing pants, and in most others he's in underwear.

    Seriously…please learn how to write before posting articles here.


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