‘Karamo’ Comes To Daytime Television On September 19th

As everyone from Wendy Williams to Nick Cannon to Maury Povich to the ladies of The Real depart the daytime television landscape this year, suddenly there is a great deal of real estate that has opened up for fresh and new daytime chat-fests. Enter- Karamo! Deadline is reporting that Karamo Brown, the Queer Eye member who has a keen knack for getting to the heart of each of their hero’s matters, is going to be hosting his own daytime talk show, five days a week. The eponymously named show is going to be filmed in front of a live studio audience, and will address a wide array of topics, (as the release indicates) “including infidelity, race, parenting, and complex family dynamics”.


Karamo announced both his talk show and the September 19th premiere date on Twitter earlier today, saying in a video in part that “Growing up, hosting a daytime talk show seemed unrealistic and unattainable, but it was my dream. I used to run home from school as a kid to watch this genre’s icons Sally, Donahue and Maury,” He went on to say that:

“My biggest goal is to help, and connect with, people from all walks of life. As a black, gay man of first-generation immigrants, opportunities for my goals seemed impossible so I want to thank everyone involved for believing in me and trusting me to explore all the highs and lows of life and celebrate with their audiences. We are all taking this journey together, so let’s start talking and growing.”


Meanwhile, it looks like the latest season locale of Queer Eye has been revealed. Earlier this week, fellow Queer Eye cast member Bobby Berk tweeted out that he had arrived in Tennessee, cheekily tweeting that:

“you know you’ve made it to Tennessee when the ads at baggage claim are for churches and gun ranges”.

Karamo responded, indicating that fellow Queer Eye boys Tan (France) and Antoni (Porowski) had both arrived, saying simply “This would be a cool place to live for a while”. 


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