Karl Lagerfeld’s Cat is Mourning–and Rich!

It’s been nearly a week since famed designer Karl Lagerfeld’s death at the age of 85 and the fashion world is still in mourning. But no one is as heartbroken than the designer’s cat, Choupette, who has amassed over 295K followers in Instagram and even after Lagerfeld’s death is still being pampered.

Choupette also has her own blog, Choupette’s Diary, that is run by digital marketing creator Ashley Tshudin in which she shares her occasional kitty perspectives via the writer’s mind.

But that’s not all! Now, the cat is an heiress! According to The Independent, Choupette is reportedly set to inherit a large sum of the designer’s fortune—a whopping £150m—that’s a LOT of cat nip!


French media outlet Le Figaro claims that the Burmese cat has a bank account in Lagerfeld’s name, but in France the cat is ineligible to become heir to her master. In Germany, however, that is a different story. The cat could have an animal protection association from which she could benefit. An entity that has been in charge of taking care of the cat because she is designated as heir.

Additionally, Lagerfeld could have designated a person of confidence to take care of Choupette. Rumor that the late designer’s male model muse Brad Kroenig might be taking care of the puss.

So next time you check your bank account to see if you can order that coffee, just remember there are cat’s in this world that are richer than you are. Ain’t that depressing?!

h/t: The Independent, Le Figaro

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