Kathy Griffin Announces Breakup With Longtime Boyfriend!

Kathy Griffin Announces Breakup With Longtime Boyfriend!

As Always, She Goes Down Swinging!

Kathy Griffin has been saying it for us since the 90s. She’s been the talk of the town since the infamous “picture” scandal, you know- where she held up a faux-severed head of Donald Trump, but us- her gays, know her as one of the first celebrity allies to trailblaze for the LGBTQ community. While Griffin will always be in our hearts, I can’t help but feel hers may be a little broken after this latest announcement.

According to Twitter, Griffin has announced after seven years, her relationship with Marketer, Randy Bick, has ended. The couple lived together in her Bel Air, California home. Jeez, you’d think after the picture scandal, death threats, and harassing neighbors– Bick would’ve been the next one to put a ring on her finger! While Bick was eighteen years younger than her, I much preferred him to that greaseball of an ex-husband, Matthew Moline, who embezzled money from her as learned from Griffin’s memoir, Official Book Club Selection. At least with Bick, there’s no love lost. She claims she still, and always will, adore him. Alas, it looks like she’ll be enjoying the rest of her time with the company of family and friends compared to a man. Which, there’s nothing wrong with that anyway!

Of course, in true Griffin fashion, she takes a jab at her haters, especially TMZ’s Harvey Levin. She has been vocal on the alleged malicious habits of Levin since October 2017. Check out the tweet below:

Griffin definitely has her supporters…

And the trolls are out in full force…

Thankfully, Kathy will always have her gays! We love you! Call us if you need anything, Kath! West Hollywood is right down the stret!

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