Kathy Griffin Being Harassed By Neighbor!

Kathy Griffin Being Harassed By Neighbor!

Hear Him Hurl Homophobic Slurs At Her

Arguably my favorite person in the world, Kathy Griffin, has been a hot topic all of 2017. Before this year, I absolutely believe Griffin was happy to be gaining free publicity since her rise from the D-List with any subject matter. Come on, she’s joked about craving any type of attention in her stand ups! After the right-wing media sought to ruin her life over a photograph; a black cloud seems to be trying to rain on her parade daily. I stuck up for Griffin during the spring and I will still stand by her side today.

Writer’s Note: I am thrilled Griffin isn’t hosting CNN’s New Year’s Eve…maybe she’ll have a party in West Hollywood?!

Sigh. While the photograph insanity seems to have blown over, it appears Griffin has another menace in her life. This time, it isn’t the President or his, ahem, darling administration, but her neighbor: Jeffrey Mezger, the CEO of KB Homes. He’s loaded with money, as is Griffin, so, of course- they are neighbors. (Don’t forget that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are on the other side of Griffin!) Mezger’s harassment of Griffin has gotten so intense that she’s filed a restraining order against him!

Egad! I’m literally typing this blog against my bedroom wall that is connected to my neighbor’s apartment. How do you have a restraining order against your neighbor?! Well, it may be that if one of them is outside, they’re lives are about to be a revolving door. Griffin, I get it, you are being extremely cautious after the crap you’ve had to endure. I see nothing wrong with getting a restraining order against Mezger…especially after hearing the video footage of him screaming at her!

I’ll let you hear his homophobic, vile rant. You’ll unfortunately relive her horror as the words ‘see you next Tuesday’ and a “bald [lesbian insult]” come out of Mezger’s mouth. Hmm, calling someone bald because she shaved her head due to a family member having cancer. Interesting spin on the case, huh?

If you can stomach through the entire footage, check out the clip below:



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