Kathy Griffin Discusses Her Unforgettable Recent Past Years

Image via YouTube | Kathy Griffin Opens Up About Suicide Attempt, Cancer, and Addiction on ‘The View’ | The View

Kathy Griffin Returns To The View With An Unrecognizable Voice To Discuss Everything & More

One of the starlets of the LGBTQ+ community is none other than comedian Kathy Griffin. The fiery redhead has graced our screens talking about her gay friends and the allyship she shares with us since her first television, brief stand up appearance in the ‘90s. Griffin has long been a favorite to the community and we’ve witnessed one heck of a career rise and fall from her in this epic journey. After cementing herself as a Hollywood royal with My Life on the D List and various Bravo standup specials, Griffin would see herself as a headliner alongside then-best friend Anderson Cooper during CNN’s New Years Eve Live. The rug was pulled from under her after she posted a cryptic photo of herself holding up a dummy severed head of then-President Donald Trump. She was canceled in the media and her elite social circles and subsequently investigated as almost a domestic terrorist, it was horrifying to watch her tell her side of the story and how all her Hollywood friends turned on her. In years since, she’s lost her dear mother, Maggie Griffin, and has survived lung cancer, a suicide attempt, becoming addicted to opioids, just to name a few. The scroll is long, but that hasn’t stopped her from moving on with her life. Today, Griffin returned to The View, a show she was once banned from, to give us a quick update on her life now.


While sitting with The View’s roundtable, Griffin first opens up discussing why her once legendary and out of this world voice is now a low whisper: She’s had a large lump of her left lung removed. She hilariously jokes that Trump gave her cancer. She remains defiant that she is and never will be a Trump supporter, or a Republican for that matter. Still, Griffin refuses to be silenced and keeps her hyper energy as she rambles on and on about her marriage and that infamous Trump photoshoot. The backlash from the Trump photoshoot led her to believe everyone in the whole world hated her and thought less of her. Amid quarantine in June 2020, she was addicted to taking opioids and eventually thought she should commit suicide after being manic and kicking her husband out of their house. She pushed through and finally got herself on the correct path, but now she feels she has more in common with Britney Spears and Kanye West than she thought.

Griffin then proceeds to tell that she believes her cancelation is rooted in ageism and misogyny. She’s confused why she was fired from CNN while Jeffrey Toobin was allowed to return after getting caught pleasuring himself during a Zoom Conferencing call. Griffin says that she is now friends with Trump’s niece, Mary Trump, and E. Jean Carroll, a Journalist who claims Trump had sexually assaulted her.


Most importantly, Griffin is cancer-free. Yesterday while speaking with Jimmy Kimmel, she once again shouted out her gay friends and fans, claiming that her new voice and removal of her lung means she needs to change her drag queen name, which is now “Diva Halfalungoria.” Griffin’s doing a talk show tour to promote her return to acting in HBO’s Search Party, where she’ll portray a conspiracy theorist. You can catch her when the show premieres next month on January 7th. In the meantime, can we all give a round of applause and welcome Griffin back. It’s been too long!

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