Kathy Griffin Dishes On Who Almost Replaced Andy Cohen on CNN’s NYE Telecast

Kathy Griffin is spilling some delicious tea regarding some allegations over who was supposed to replace Andy Cohen for this year's CNN New Year's Eve telecast.

The legendary comedian hosted this alongside Anderson Cooper for several years but got the axe in 2017 after her whole Donald Trump mask debacle. Andy replaced her, much to the frustration of people in and out of the LGBTQ community. The Watch What Happens Live host was then trashed on social media during the live telecast last NYE. 

She discussed who was supposed to replace Andy early Monday morning with a tweet that started with "I’ve been in this business for over 30 years…I’ve gotten to know everybody. A few little birdies told me some juicy nuggets…"

Turns out it was allegedly Saturday Night Live comedian Leslie Jones that was in talks to replace Andy… according to Kathy.

It was news that Kathy was quite happy about.

Kathy then gushed over how much she loved Leslie.

She then heard that Leslie had been "downgraded her to a couple of segments or some sort of a guest role."

This made Kathy very frustrated about their treatment of Leslie.

She then heard from other people that the reason Leslie was dropped was because NBC Universal did not want her appearing on another network.

Turns out she'll be appearing on NBC's New Year's Eve telecast, but not as a cohost. Those privileges belong to Carson Daly and Chrissy Teigen

Kathy wasn't done however, as she questioned why NBC Universal wouldn't have an issue with Andy jumping ship to CNN but when it comes to Leslie they allegedly would.

She then discussed the issues surrounding how much she got paid versus Anderson for the gig, and hopes that Leslie gets paid fairly for her turn.








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