Kathy Griffin Says Her Family Abandoned Her

Image via YouTube / Kathy Griffin’s A Hell Of a Story Film

In A Sit Down With The Hot Topics Queen, Griffin Comes Clean About Her Family

Ahh, Kathy, Kathy, Kathy. Of course, I’m talking about disgraced comedienne, Kathy Griffin. As we know by now, Griffin has been all but dropped from Hollywood after posing with a faux-beheaded photograph of Donald Trump. Even though arguably all of the entertainment industry seems to vehemently rally against the reigning President, no one has forgiven or forgotten about Griffin. Which kind of makes you think they never really liked her anyway (probably true).


Yesterday, Griffin sat down in one of her now seldom televised interviews with my reigning Queen, the gossipy Wendy Williams. This eleven minute interview goes so fast I had to rewatch it five times to understand what the heck I just watched. Griffin’s lips move like lightening and I’d hate to be the person who’d have to transcribe this. Griffin discusses a wide variety of topics relating to her nose jobs, politics, and celebrities within the short interview. Williams is possibly the only person able to keep up with her energy, so the two are a match made in gay heaven if you want to soak up all the dish.

While Griffin is still full of jokes, the sadness behind her eyes becomes a little more apparent. She gabs about what we’d expect her too, like her hate for Andy Cohen firing her from Bravo! and shock of being deserted by longtime friend, Anderson Cooper. She touches on the New Year’s Eve show she would host yearly with Cooper and recommends someone hire her to do another show with Stormy Daniels (bad idea). Griffin painfully discusses how no one in Hollywood, still, will give her the time of day and will take  a meeting with her. She purchased the rights her reality series, My Life on the D-List and comedy specials, but no one wants to buy them or even showcase them. She basically tells us her Hollywood career is over, which is why she had to self-fund and produce her latest digital film, A Hell of a Story, and filmed most of it on an iPhone. But, that’s not even the most upsetting thing she tells the gossip guru.

According to Griffin, her entire family (mother aside) refuses to speak with her… even her cousins. Not only that, her current boyfriend’s family is vocal on the internet about their distain towards her. While she believes it’s brought her closer to her man, you can absolutely tell she is upset that her family – who we grew to know on her reality series – will not associate with her.

Griffin goes on to talk about a viral video of Trump murdering various news sources and vocal enemies alike… Griffin was one of those chopped in the video. She tells that she has been in contact with the FBI regarding the video and is nervous in real life as she doesn’t know how viewers will react to it in person as she isn’t certain who is an adversary of hers or not.


Don’t forget to check out Griffin’s full interview with Williams below:


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  1. I love Kathy Griffin. She is funny as hell, quick witted, smart and she can behead (t)Rump in front of me all day long and I’ll hug her each time his empty noodle hits the ground. LA is full of phonies and fair weather friends. Anderson, Andy and all the other fakes can suck it.


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