Kathy Griffin Shades Andy Cohen Yet Again!

Kathy Griffin Shades Andy Cohen Yet Again!

She Tweets A Story From Cohen’s Alleged, Past Sexual Experience!

It appears Kathy Griffin isn’t backing down from her social media war with well, anyone, but definitely  Andy Cohen. In the last few weeks, we reported Griffin releasing a video demolishingopenly gay, Hollywood heavyweights, Cohen and TMZ’s Harvey Levin. In retaliation, Cohen flamed Griffin stating her response was entirely false and “made up”. I’d be willing to bet that he’s talking about the allegations that he offered her cocaine before filming his late-night talk show, Watch What Happens Live!, which premieres on the essentially Cohen-run network, Bravo.

In what seems to be a great marketing scheme, according to Griffin, a new promo for Cohen’s show implies that “people want to spill their guts to him”. As in, they can’t keep their secrets to themselves around him. Hmm, well, if there is any trace of the alleged drug activity that tends to make one brutally honest, this makes sense. But, instead of using that tactic, Griffin shares a story sent to her by one of Cohen’s alleged one-night-stands. From an outsider’s point of view, it looks like Griffin wants Cohen to recognize the fact that he does know her.

Griffin seemingly posts a typed letter sent to her by a gentleman, Forrest, living in Croatia. He recalls meeting Cohen in 1989. (I wasn’t even born yet, so this is long ago!) Forrest allegedly confirms that Cohen is indeed a top – which has been reported on years ago. Matches up, right?! Anyway, Forrest not only blasts Cohen for having a lazy eye (which is evident in a majority of photographs) but also that Cohen allegedly caught the, ahem, short end of the stick. He tells:


“[Cohen] rather assertively had his way with me. It was very one-sided. I[thought] that I might have met someone special. We didn’t talk for more than a few minutes, and suddenly, without a word he pushed me down on my bed. It was much more gratifying for him than it was me for as the interaction seemed entirely directed toward him getting off. Like a spoiled kid with a new toy. By the way, Andy is a small guy, not just in height. I was caught up by his confidence and apparent charms.”

Forrest goes on to tell a story of seeing Cohen after their alleged sex-capade. This time, Cohen allegedly didn’t give him the time of day. Forrest recalls:


“When I saw him the next day, I got that vague eyes off-kilter look and some non-committal vague verbiage to go along with it. The same look he recently gave the reporter when he said he did not know Kathy. So, it was clear to me then that his interest in me was momentary, and I felt used.”

Recently, Cohen tried his comedy skills and mimicked Mariah Carey’s now famous shade, “I don’t know her” when asked about Griffin. It didn’t go over as planned.

Griffin and Cohen have a lot in common, despite their extremely different personalities. Their books as virtually the exact same story: Celebrity gossip, they boast about celebrity interactions, and literally – could be exchanged for one another in most settings. I don’t know if either of them notice this, but it’s true. Still, it doesn’t take much for someone to choose a side: Team Griffin or Team Cohen. I’ll take the former, but what do I know?

New Years Eve is just around the corner. It isn’t unfamiliar to anyone that Cohen replaced Griffin after she was shelved by CNN for her controversial Trump photograph. Time will only tell how often Griffin will blow the whistle on Cohen. I’m here for it all!

Are you #TeamGriffin or #TeamCohen!? Let me know!

Check out her Tweet below:

11 thoughts on “Kathy Griffin Shades Andy Cohen Yet Again!”

  1. I’m Team Andy 100%  I used to

    I'm Team Andy 100%  I used to be a fan of Kathy's but that ship has sailed.  While she had the right to post that infamous pic, she can't be shocked or surprised by the blow-back.  While not a fan of his, the picture was tacky at best.  More now than ever, she seems intent on saying whatever she thinks will do the most damage while providing her with the most publicity and attention.

  2. #TeamAndy 100%. I can’t stand

    #TeamAndy 100%. I can’t stand that has been that never really was Kathy Griffin!  She is a pathetic, bitter old hag who wishes that she had a relevant career.

  3. #TeamKathy without a doubt!

    #TeamKathy without a doubt! Kathy has spent a lifetime of telling the truth. She's never had to fabricate lies about people. And with people like Andy, she's never had a reason to. Her gays know this.




      • Is it comfortable having your

        Is it comfortable having your head so far up your own ass like that?

        The CAPS LOCK really helps get your point across. That point being that you have absolutely no idea what you're talking about. Yes! She treats gays as equals and has even fought for equal rights for everybody for years now. Just so she can "treat us like pets." That's why she's currently performing her "Laugh Your Head Off" world tour to make even more fun of Trump and his conservative snowflakes to multiple sold out venues all across the world, just so she can use us. Her gay fans just don't know any better. Thank you for clarifying that for us…

  4. Has Kathy Griffen finally lot

    Has Kathy Griffen finally lot it.  She did a stupid thing.  She apologized then two days later she rebutted it.  Now she's on a downward spiral trying to take others down with her.  She had a great run, but then she started to take herself way too seriously.  Hey, I'm no Trump fan but this all started because of a photo that wasn't funny.  Take responsibilty.  


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