Keiynan Lonsdale & Dylan Sprouse In Queer Rom-Com ‘My Fake Boyfriend’

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This summer is going to be gay, gay, gay, at least on our screens. A barrage of queer-themed projects will be vying for our attention. June brings two much-hyped projects, the Queer as Folk reboot and the Bowen Yang-led Fire Island rom-com, also starring Conrad Ricamora and Margaret Cho. I plan on seeing them all, multiple times! Now add to this mix another queer-themed rom-com, Prime Video’s My Fake Boyfriend starring Keiynan Londsdale, Dylan Sprouse, and Modern Family’s Sarah Hyland. 

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My Fake Boyfriend finds Lonsdale hopelessly going back to his douche of an ex-boyfriend over and over. And over. I mean haven’t we all done this before? No? Just me? His two besties (Sprouse and Hyland) try to slap some sense into him about his ex by creating a fake boyfriend. Gotta make the douchey ex jealous. Of course, the douchey ex is going to be HOT AF…aren’t they all?!

The film, directed by Rose Troche, is from Lionsgate and Buzzfeed Studios. The storyline goes off the rails when the fake boyfriend goes viral and becomes a worldwide sensation. Andrew meets his real-life dream guy, Rafi, a charming restaurant owner. Now, Andrew must find a way to put an end to the fake fling, evade his jealous ex, and win Rafi’s heart. 

I do love me a rom-com. And to have rom-coms where I can actually relate to the characters and their lives is pretty damn cool.


Check out the trailer for My Fake Boyfriend below! 

Will this be one you’ll watch? It’ll be available on Prime Video June 17, 2022.

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