Kelly Returns After Eleven Years!

Image via YouTube | Kelly “Masks”

In An Effort To Promote Masks And Pandemic Health, Liam Kyle Sullivan Reboots His Kelly Persona

The year is 2006 and everyone’s starting to figure out how to use the best parts of the internet. Myspace is thriving, AOL chatrooms are on the outs, YouTube has only been around for a year – and doesn’t have advertisements. It’s a wonderful time… but perhaps have led to the destruction of the internet in the same breath. In 2006, viral videos were *new* and led their creators into stardom that stuck – they were the modern one hit wonder.


One of those early videos was from a comedian and bit-sitcom actor, Liam Kyle Sullivan. He portrayed a mundane character named Kelly who donned a cross dressing outfit with the word “betch” on it (a popular term in that era), some thick glasses, red lips, a shake n’ go blonde wig – and created a song called Shoes. Yeah, this sounds something almost normal now, but at the time, Sullivan rocked the web and became a media sensation with how ridiculously funny and bizarre his video was. Seriously, if you were in high school – especially GAY in high school – you will never be able to get the lisped Shoes out of your mind. Despite taking up a few more acting credentials and being a film editor in Hollywood, Sullivan has kept a low profile and hasn’t revisited his Kelly character in eleven years. But, after that long disappearance, Kelly is back with another term that she wants to drive into our minds: Masks Rule!

In today’s music video release, Kelly resurfaces to contact her parents for the first time amid the pandemic. She’s passive and self-centered as we already know, so she just wants to make sure they’re “like, okay”. After getting into a tiff with her mother, Kelly is determined to get a new outfit because she’s been wearing the same thing since 2006. Obviously, she needs to wear a mask to head outside and go shopping – so she informs us of which masks rule and which ones suck. We are even treated to a Margaret Cho cameo! The song is brief, but in the same vein as the infamous Shoes. So, this fun nostalgia should certainly give most of us who recall Kelly’s heightened fame a huge laugh and some comfort to be reunited with a former friend. Check out the video below:


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