Kelly Ripa Puts Her Bestie Andy Cohen On Blast For Lewd Nude Texts

There’s a lot to unpack here. But before I highlight all of the cringe-factors about this story, let me at least fill you all in first. Kelly Ripa, Emmy-award winning talk show host and bestie of Andy Cohen, shared that she once received an unexpected dick pic from Cohen while she was on the set of Live with Kelly and Mark.

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The catch is (and I’m sure a huge relief to Ripa) that it wasn’t Cohen’s dick. He apparently shares nudes that were sent to him from men that are potential hookups. Ripa detailed the play by play on a recent episode of her podcast Let’s Talk Off Camera – which featured Cohen as a guest.


“So, my work iPad is open and I’m sitting here reading through my notes and [“Live” Executive Producer Michael Gelman] is over my shoulder trying to show me something.

And suddenly a completely erect penis pops up.

Let’s call him Bobby,” Ripa, 52, continued. “It just says, ‘Bobby’s c–k,’ and it’s, like, a text from Andy Cohen, ‘Bobby’s c–k.’”

-Kelly Ripa, Let’s Talk Off Camera


Cohen, 54, then explained that he was planning on having a threesome with a straight couple from Boston. The dick pic was sent by the male from that threesome prospect. The Watch What Happens Live talk show host revealed in his latest book that he’s very interested in having a threesome with a straight couple — something that Ripa says makes her nervous (for safety reasons).

Andy Cohen is no stranger to over sharing though, he’s admitted to being on dating sites (even being spotted on Grindr and Scruff). I think what’s awkward here though is, why are you sharing someone else’s nude pictures? Sure, I’m certain it happens privately amongst friends. But for it to be put on blast by one of daytime television’s biggest host? Is it some sort of invasion of “Bobby’s” privacy? Is it appropriate to casually share dick pics in the friend-group chat in your 50s? No age shaming intended. But one thing that I know for sure, if I ever came across Andy’s profile on one of these dating apps, I’d most likely send him fake dick pics — just because I know there’s a strong possibility that my nudes may end up in Kelly Ripa’s phone. Do you think SJP told Andy years ago to never send her another nude pic as long as they live?

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Here’s a clip of Andy playing a threesome game on WWHL with Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos.

Would you have a ménage a trois with Andy Cohen?

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  1. I used to hang out at Fire Island. My hubby and I were boaters and we knew a lot of people there. I loved tea time and danced my butt off. I can’t believe how many times gay or Bi guy’s would want to hook up. I’m straight and have no interest in a three some. It was a lot of fun but I saw things that no one would believe. Unless you’re gay.

  2. For a self proclaimed power top he sure seems to be interested in big dicks. The story he told on his was the husband and wife approached him at a book sigining. The wife wanted a threesome with Cohen and “talked” her husband into it. She knew she could get him because her husband was hot and hung. She sent him a pic of the massive member and he was in. I guess it turned out the husband was not so into it and would only let Cohen suck his dick, no kissing, no him doing things to Andy. He did get to touch a boob though. These are grown adults in their 50s….

  3. I have a bff I send nudes to of potential hook ups, usually we discuss how hot he looks.

    Kelly & Mark produced a gay reality series that my close friend was on called “Fire Island” also.

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