Kendra Wilkinson Breaks Down Over Separation!

Kendra Wilkinson Breaks Down Over Separation!

Is Her Husband’s Alleged Transgender Lover To Blame?

#GOKENDRA! Long before the days where the Kardashian Klan ran our lives, the E! Channel provided us with entertainment in the form of bunnies…Playboy Bunnies to be exact. The Girls Next Door followed the lives of Hugh Hefner’s closest…girlfriends – Holly Madison, Bridget Marquardt, and Kendra Wilkinson. Ahh, a time in society where you were once calling Playboy Models the innocent ones, am I right?! Quickly, viewers would fall in love with all three of the girlfriends, but Wilkinson stood out with her over-the-top personality and a laugh which has been featured many times as a gag on Joel McHale’s series, The Soup. Wilkinson would eventually have her own spin off series, Kendra and Kendra On Top, which would continue following her life. Today, Wilkinson announced on her social media she is devasated that her marriage to former Football Player, Hank Baskett, is officially over.

Well, this one was obviously a long time coming. As reported in 2014, Baskett was caught offering money to a Transgender woman after they had an alleged sexual interaction. The woman, Ava Masaniai (Pictured below), even released audio footage of Baskett trying to pay her off. Wilkinson was obviously embrassed by the headlines and the two would eventually on Marriage Bootcamp, another reality show, and stayed together for the next four years despite the allegations. After the allegations surfaced, I’m so shocked Wilkinson even stayed with him for that much longer!


Energizer bunny

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Wilkinson is a huge advocate and supporter of the LGBTQ community, so I’m incredibly interested in seeing if Masaniai’s allegations have hindered her judgement against the Transgender community. With a fiery personality, I cannot imagine her having thrown around some harsh words. I truly hope Wilkinson decides to get herself off of social media quickly, Baskett can live his authentic life, and Masaniai stays quiet during the married couple’s split.

Check out Wilkinson’s seemingly cry for help below:

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