Kenworthy Shared A Thirsty Photo Shoot For His ‘LinkedIn’ Account

Gus Kenworthy (image via Instagram)

Out Olympian Gus Kenworthy, who’s primarily known for his athleticism and outdoorsy lifestyle, recently posted on his Instagram that he posed for a few shots to update his LinkedIn account.

In the photo, snapped by photographer Brian Kaminski, Gus is resting in repose in a pair of short shorts, washboard abs on display along with the perfect amount of fur.


The pic was accompanied by the tongue-in-cheek caption, “My friend @briankaminski was kind enough to come over yesterday and take some pictures for my LinkedIn.”

Umm…woof. Talk about getting down to business. 


Can we just say, “You’re hired, Gus!”

Kaminski also shared a pic from the shoot teasing there are more to come. The shoot was apparently for an upcoming edition of a photo book to be released in 2021.

Kaminski has released a series of photography books centered on specific topics like “Hotel,” “On Location,” ” At Home,” and “Chance.”


Gus has been keeping a lower profile on social media lately, most probably due to the ongoing pandemic. In April, he shared that the isolation of coronavirus lockdown had taken some toll on his mental health.

At the same time, he announced he was doing personalized greetings for fans in order to raise money for first responders in the health crisis.

Clearly, though, Gus is keeping in tiptop shape as there are Winter Olympic Games on the horizon.

In December 2019, the Olympic silver medalist announced he was switching from Team USA to Team Great Britain (he was born in England) with the hopes of representing the United Kingdom in the 2022 Winter Olympics. 


Of course, there was that trip to the Coral Pink Sand Dunes back in September… 😉

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