Kerr Smith is Grayer, Wiser, and Healthier! (And He Still Acts)

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Depending on who you ask, the first gay kiss on primetime television will result in different answers. Roseanne had the first girl-on-girl kiss, Will & Grace had the first man-on-man kiss, but Dawson’s Creek had the first same-sex kiss that was shared between two characters who were lovers

This is particularly thanks to a then up-and-coming actor named Kerr Smith. Before he booked the gig on Dawson’s Creek, he was a returning player on As the World Turns and made a guest appearance on an episode of Baywatch; which was at one point the most popular show in the world. (Frightening!) 


Kerr Smith made history as Jack McPhee in 113 episodes of Dawson’s Creek between 1998 and 2003 and quite literally set the tone for other gay lovers to kiss on television in the future. The moment was later nominated for a GLADD Award. 

After this accomplishment, he set his sight on the world of cinema and starred in movies including Final Destination, Cruel Intentions 3 and My Blood Valentine before recurring as Paige’s boyfriend in season 7 of Charmed.

Now, Mr. Smith is a 50-year-old man, and he is doing more with his life outside the realm of Hollywood. He’s a licensed pilot, participates in motocross and spends a great deal of time outdoors skiing, fishing or hiking. He’s also the owner of two independent businesses. 


TerraLife Wellness is a consulting business that offers a holistic mentor that helps you with spirituality, relationships, nutrition and everything in between. Then, there’s Expanding Awareness – a wellness blog that hopes to inspire and awaken a new sense of awareness in you. 

Kerr also continues to act. You can catch him in recent episodes of The Fosters, The Resident and Riverdale.


And dare I say it… He’s considered a “daddy” now?

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  1. How many of us have faced this situation over the years, in our lives — and how many of us have felt the loneliness and heartbreak. Just the look on his face tells it all —


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