Kesha Announces New Music Coming “VERY Soon”

Singer-songwriter Kesha, in her video for the Grammy-nominated “Praying,” announced upcoming music on September 26, 2019. / Image via SME/Kesha (screen capture)

Just two years after her last, critically acclaimed album, “Rainbow,” Kesha announced new forthcoming music via tweet this morning:


Some Twitter fans and music industry insiders took note of the multiplatinum artist’s typically beautiful-yet-perplexing promo photographs accompanying the long-awaited announcement…  


…as well as Kesha’s cryptic reference to, perhaps, a brasher sound after the at times solemn (but still defiant) tone on 2017’s “Rainbow,” as seen in her searing single, “Praying.”


As of this morning, there’s still no word on exactly when (other than “VERY” soon) Kesha’s new music might be released. But in recent interviews and profiles from music journalists, the announcement wasn’t totally unexpected.

Speaking to Billboard last month, the artist described the writing and release of “Rainbow” as a cathartic moment, without divulging much about the under-wraps follow-up.


In Rolling Stone just last week, Kesha spoke at somewhat greater length, on topics ranging from her broad influences musically to her adolescence and family links. Above all, she reflected on the life and influence left by the iconic, recently passed producer Ric Ocasek, explaining:

“Ric Ocasek, along with the Beach Boys, had a huge influence on me accepting that pop music is f***ing cool,” she says. “I’m obsessed with the Cars, and the fact that he worked with a band like Suicide, and had such amazing pop instincts, especially melodically – it’s like, see? Pop music is cool!”

She wasn’t quoted discussing her just-announced new music in RS, but fans will be parsing her latest interviews and profiles diligently until more information comes out.

Until then, stay tuned.

(Sources: Billboard; Rolling Stone; Twitter)

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