Kesha Helps Yet Another Gay Couple Get Married In Music Video For “Here Comes The Change”

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Kesha once again is showing that she is a great advocate for LGBTQ representation and love.


The singer, who is bisexual herself, recently released a new music video for her song “Here Comes The Change.”

As Kesha shared in a piece for Refinery29, she says that the message of sexual and gender equality is a large focus in her own life and work.

“For me, these words are about promoting love and equality, the belief that everyone should have the same opportunity to live a safe and healthy life full of love and hope regardless of their skin color or sexual orientation or gender or religion.”

"In the second verse on the song I address the fact that it feels like we are fighting for the same things now as we were half a century ago, the same concept, basic human equality. But the reality is that progress isn’t a straight line and sometimes equality is challenged by people in power to remind us that freedom and progress don’t come without effort."

This message is quite evident in her “Here Comes The Change" music video as it shows a variety of people smiling, protesting, registering to vote, and participating in a gay wedding. (In terms of that wedding, it’s now the third time that the singer has helped a gay couple get married. The second time was also recorded in a music video).


In addition, “Here Comes The Change,” was created to be a part of the soundtrack for upcoming film, On The Basis Of Sex.

The film depicts the life of US Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and among other things, her struggle for equal rights and the trials she overcame to become one of the most influential judges in US History.

h/t: Refinery29

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