Kevin Conroy, Voice of Batman in Various Forms of Media, Dies at 66

Actor Kevin Conroy, best known as the voice of Batman/ Bruce Wayne across various forms of media, died Thursday, November 10. (Photo Credit: Warner Brothers Entertainment and Kevin Conroy Official Twitter Page)

            The voice of Batman for many generations was silenced on November 10.  Actor Kevin Conroy, 66, died on Thursday of intestinal cancer. A statement from DC Comics explained:

A noted stage, film and television performer, Conroy rose to unparalleled voice acting fame as the title character of the landmark Batman: The Animated Series (1992-1996). He would establish never-to-be-broken records as the quintessential voice of Batman, bringing the Super Hero to animated life in nearly 60 different productions, including 15 films – highlighted by the acclaimed Batman: Mask of the Phantasm; 15 animated series, spanning nearly 400 episodes and more than 100 hours of television; as well as two dozen video games. Conroy was also featured as a live-action Bruce Wayne in the Arrowverse’s 2019-2020 “Crisis on Infinite Earths” crossover event.

While Conroy was most notably known for his voicework as Batman spanning across various forms of media, he also appeared in numerous television shows in the 1980s including Murphy Brown, Cheers, Dynasty, and Another World. It was revealed in an interview with The New York Times in 2016 that Conroy was gay and was married to Vaughn C. Williams. For the 2022 DC Pride anthology, Conroy wrote “Finding Batman”, a story that was illustrated by artist J. Bone and letterer Aditya Bidikar, which chronicled Conroy’s struggles both personally and professionally as a gay actor before his big break landing the titular role in the 1990s cartoon, Batman: The Animated Series. DC Comics has put up the entire DC Pride 2022 issue to read for free on its website.

Panel from “Finding Batman”, the story Conroy wrote for ‘DC Pride 2022’, which is available to read for free on the DC Comics website. (Photo Credit: DC Comics)

            Many who have worked with Conroy have put up their tributes online including the various actors he worked with over the years like Clancy Brown, Mark Hamill, Susan Eisenberg, and Michael Rosenbaum.


Andrea Romano, voice director of Batman: The Animated Series spoke of Conroy:

“Kevin was far more than an actor whom I had the pleasure of casting and directing – he was a dear friend for 30+ years whose kindness and generous spirit knew no boundaries. Kevin’s warm heart, delightfully deep laugh and pure love of life will be with me forever.”

Michael Uslan, who has served as a producer on several Batman projects, wrote a touching tribute to Conroy on his Facebook page.

Great Big Story did a video on Conroy’s voicework as Batman on their YouTube channel in 2020.

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  1. Batman is the best & my favorite DC character along with all the villains & sidekicks. It’s so awesome that he was voiced by a gay man since my childhood. RIP.


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