Kevin Daniels Talks ‘Not Another Church Movie,’ Acting Career, & More

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With over 100 credits to his name, Kevin Daniels has carved a niche for himself as one of Hollywood’s most trusted character actors by seamlessly captivating audiences with his authenticity, charisma, and talent. 

On May 10, the award-winning performer released his new film, Not Another Church Movie, where he plays a dual lead role alongside a star-studded cast including Jamie Foxx, Vivica A. Fox, and Mickey Rourke. The project parodies Tyler Perry’s critically acclaimed Madea films and tackles the wildest moments of pop culture church antics while following billionaire talk show host Hoprah Windfall (Luc Ashley) as she frets over plummeting box office sales and dwindling audiences.

Image via Aaron Fallon

Using her direct connect to God himself (Foxx), Hoprah demands his help. So, he and his angels decide to call upon the hardest-working man in the world, Taylor Pherry (Daniels), who is preparing for one of his many jobs that mostly entail helping his dysfunctional but lovable family through their trials and tribulations. God orders him to help Hoprah accomplish her mission by writing a movie, but when the Devil (Rourke) overhears this, he comes up with his own fiendish plan to disrupt the whole ordeal. 

Instinct recently had the opportunity to catch up with Daniels and talk more about the film and playing two characters, as well as his passion for acting, his roles in additional projects like ABC’s Will Trent and Paramount+’s reboot of Fraiser, starring in LA’s Rogue Machine Theater’s production of Monsters of the American Cinema, and how Hollywood has progressed when it comes to Black LGBTQ+ actors. 

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Check out the full video interview below. 

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