Kevin McHale Dropped An MV For “James Dean”

Kevin McHale & Johnny Sibilly / Screenshot via YouTube @Kevin McHale

Kevin McHale has dropped a new music video for us to enjoy.

Kevin McHale is back with a new music video for the song “James Dean.” The song, titled after the Hollywood legend of the 20th century, talks of McHale’s love of a boy and desire for intimacy.


In the video, we first see McHale lounging around on a couch before embracing a man in his bathroom. The two hug and hold each other under the shower before McHale helps him apply makeup.

As for the mysterious man in the music video, it’s not McHale’s boyfriend Austin McKenzie, who appeared in McHale’s earlier music video. This time, the man in the video is actor Johnny Sibilly.

If this sounds interesting to you, you can watch the music video down below.


Back in April, we shared with you the music video for Kevin McHale’s single “Help Me Now.” McHale is releasing these two singles while gearing up for the release of his debut EP “Boy.”

While talking to Vydia, McHale shared that the EP is his way of truly expressing himself.

“I’d say Boy is a proclamation of who I am. It’s sarcastic, self-deprecating, nostalgic, sentimental and overall positive. I wanted something to reflect me and I feel like it truly does.”

McHale doubled down on this statement while talking to LadyGunn about the process of songwriting and creating music for the EP. He says he used to make music “sporadically over the years.” When he showed off his music to friends, they would tell him, “this doesn’t sound like you.”


McHale was confused by the feedback until creating an early draft version of “Younger,” which appears on the EP in an edited version. He then noted that “even though it was a very different version of the song, I wrote it, and I was like, ‘Now I get what they mean. This feels like me – the verses sound like how I would talk to somebody in a conversation.’”

McHale also shared, back in his Vydia interview, how his music creating skills have evolved in the process of creating Boy.

“I think figuring out what ‘style’ of music I wanted to do was a challenge. However, once I abandoned the idea that I needed to pick one “style,” everything flowed out naturally. Once you stop fighting it and let a song be whatever it’s going to be, you end up with something special. Also, sometimes you end up with garbage, but you gotta see it through either way!”

Currently, the Boy Ep does not have a release date, but it’s expected to drop sometime soon.

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