Kevin McHale’s Latest Social Media Pic is Just as Cryptic as his ‘Coming Out’ One

Oh, Kevin McHale, what are you doing here?  Are you Glee-ful with news that you want to tell us, or are you just playing coy with all these cryptic messages you keep posting.

To catch everyone up to speed, the former Glee star's sexuality came into question when he posted a photo holding what looks to be another man's hands. The caption is simply an American Sign Language symbol for “I Love You”.  So, who are you loving exactly, mister?




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Then, he posted another photo early Tuesday morning, and this time, he's alone, shirtless, and reading a book. He captioned this one with "My favorite way to be anti social #tb.".  What does TB mean?  Is that the initials of someone?  Seriously Kevin, we are freaking out… stop with all the cryptic messages and tell us!



My favorite way to be anti social #tb

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People are thinking the mystery man in question is an Austin P. McKenzie, who starred on the ABC minseries When We RIse.  The two have spent quite a lot of time with one another, showing up to the 28th Annual Palm Springs International Film Festival last year together

If the guy your holding hands with is Austin, awesome!  If it's someone else, just as great!  If it is a friend or this is all blown out of proportion then the jokes on us!  Regardless, we are happy for you Kevin. 

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