Kevin Spacey Gets Cut From COMPLETED FILM by Ridley Scott

Kevin Spacey is finding out the hard way that even if you have something completed, it doesn't always mean it will make the cut.  That is what has happened for him in the movie All the Money in the World, which is directed by Ridley Scott.

Kevin was set to play mogul J. Paul Getty in it, which is being reshot and recast with actor Christopher Plummer, a fellow Oscar winner whose known work ranges from The Sound of Music to A Beautiful Mind and more.  

TheWrap confirmed the story late yesterday, claiming that the reshoots will happen immediately in order for the film to still have a December 22nd limited opening.  Keep in mind that is about a month from now.

It's a rare occasion when a film needs to be reshot with a completely different actor, but in Kevin's case, it makes sense.  Over the past couple of weeks, there have been several men who have come forward with their own sexual assault allegations against him, starting with Anthony Rapp and most recently reporter Heather Unruh's son.  

What are your thoughts on Kevin being recast?

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