KFC Ad Got Too ‘Hot And Spicy’ For Australia.

I love it when someone pushes the politically correct boundaries in advertising.  KFC decided to stretch the p.c. envelope and use pixels in an interesting way, but their campaign didn't last long.

Shortly after 9am Friday KFC released a racy teaser ad on Twitter with a "Not Safe For Work" tag and a pixelated image of a man and woman in a tantalising position on the couch.

"Warning," the tweet from KFC Australia's official account stated. "Something hot and spicy is coming soon."

The photo showed the couple on a couch, the man looking aloof and smiling at his pixelated crotch where his female companion reaches toward the unseen something.


You can imagine the social media gurus at the advertising agency KFC hired to roll out the campaign high-fiving and jumping for joy as they hit "tweet".

Now imagine their crestfallen faces as Twitter reacts predictably and tears the ad to shreds while their bosses and the Colonel's ghost ask the obvious question: "What were they thinking?"

Then picture them clearing their desks in the wake of another half-baked Australian ad campaign aborted within hours of its launch.

This one lasted about on hour.  – ca.finance.yahoo.com


What would your retweet of the ad say?



h/t :  yahoo finance

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