KFC Heiress Vows To Raise Money To Support Gays During Covid-19 Crisis


If there’s one thing I love on this earth, Popeye’s Fried Chicken is that thing. My friends who also love that crispy, golden brown goodness have often joked there must be crack in that chicken because we are totally hooked and keep coming back for more. However, a news headline caught my eye this weekend that has me considering cheating on my beloved Popeye’s with the rival fried chicken brand, KFC.

KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) heiress Kaila Methven, has pledged to raise a million dollars to assist members of the LGBTQI community affected by COVID-19.


First, I have to say I had never even heard of Methven until this story. I’ve since been schooled and discovered the glamorous socialite and fashion designer interned at her first Paris fashion show at the age of 16 and earned a Master’s Degree from the International Fashion Academy in Paris.

Please make no mistake about it; this girl is fierce and lives the good life. That doesn’t mean though that she is not socially conscious of the world around her and those who are less fortunate. As much as she enjoys living the high-life, she equally enjoys being a philanthropist.

Heiress Kaila Methven serving up the Diva realness on Instagram

Today, her much sought-after designer lingerie line named ‘Madame Methven’ has garnered an A-List of celebrity clients, including pop music powerhouse Demi Lovato. Through her organization PLUR “Peace Love Unity Respect,” Methven hopes sales from her new lingerie will help to create a fund of $1,000,000 that will create jobs and safe shelter efforts for the LGBTQI community.


As an active member of the nightlife and jet-set scene, Methven shared with the Star Observer the broader scope of her philanthropy,

“I want to raise money through sales of my new festival lingerie line, Special K, among other means to help as many people as possible.Ten percent of all proceeds will go to several different charities such as EDM Cares and other EDM/LGBTQI based charities that fight to protect and advance equality and social justice for these communities!”

Methven further explained that she wanted to use her voice as a philanthropist to make a difference in the world in general. We sure can use all the allies we can get in the world, especially in LGBTQI community, so we’ll take it. And even though Methven’s paternal grandfather sold the KFC brand in the 1980s, it’s admirable to see someone in the younger generation using their wealth and notoriety to impact the lives of others.

I’ll always love my Popeye’s, but now I just might make KFC my new side piece … with a biscuit.

Read the full story at the Star Observer

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