Khan’s DNC Speech: Not Shown On FOX’News’. What Was Aired Instead? Very Telling.

By now you've seen the inspirational speech by Khizr Khan given during the Democratic National Convention.  If you haven't, you might have been either watching the regular stations NBC, CBS, ABC that didn't start their coverage until 10 PM or you were watching Fox "News."  I myself was tuned into PBS for its coverage of the event.  Khan's speech, so moving, tear inducing, wonderfully inspirational was THE SPEECH of the night and possibly the entire DNC. I'll insert it below for those of you who missed it.

If you were misguided and were tuned into  FOX "News" for its DNC coverage, what did you see instead of Khan's speech? Besides commercials, the network played a "Hillary messed up in Benghazi" clip as well as FBI Brector Comey saying that ISIS is the biggest threat to the United States and its citizens.  Also, we see Megyn Kelly interviewing a retired four star general, John Allen.  Here is a side-by-side playing provided by




FOX "News,"  turn around.  There's news happening behind you!  It's right in the building, in the same room you are in!

Granted, commercial breaks need to happen, and it wasn't like Michelle or Barack were speaking, but they must have known the subject matter of the speaker and blocked it from Fox viewers.  One thing that became very clear after watching many channels' coverage of the RNC and the DNC was a better understanding of which candidate is supported by which broadcasting company. 

Are there any unbiased news stations out there? Who do you go for to get your news?
 stated that the Khan speech was placed on the FOXNews website for viewing.


3 thoughts on “Khan’s DNC Speech: Not Shown On FOX’News’. What Was Aired Instead? Very Telling.”

  1. Of course they won’t show it.

    Of course they won't show it. It wouldn't serve FOX's brainwashing agenda. 

    I'm just amazed at how many people think FOX is a real news channel. Doesn't everybody know that they've classified themselves as an entertainment channel so they can use "freedom of speech" to make up stories, omit the truth and serve only the Koch Brothers and their billions.

  2. The DNC website didn’t show

    The DNC website didn't show Khan either.  I was watching the convention live on two tabs, and NBC.  During Khan's speech, the demconvention site had silly behind the scenes comedy stuff with Katie Perry and others.  I had to watch the Khan on    WTF????


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