Kick Off Mid-Atlantic Leather Weekend at Their Naughty Sex Shop Party

Washington D.C. is about to get less political and more kinky.


The annual Mid-Atlantic Leather Weekend takes place in our nation's capital this weekend until Monday, January 20. The overall goal over the four days of being there is to let your freak flag fly high, whether it has to do with leather, kink or something else. Chances are there is something there for you regardless of what your fetish is.

There will be a variety of events taking place during MAL, one being the Sex Shop Party which begins later on tonight. It will be presented by gay party producer Q, aka Mother Fantasy, best known for his series of monthly events at Washington D.C.’s L8DC nightclub. 

Q understands the importance of living life as his authentic self. The 34-year old veteran who served in Iraq and Afghanistan says he has always had a passion for throwing events and discovered his love for the dance floor while attending circuit festivals around the world. “I started hosting private soirees in my penthouse and then invite-only after parties throughout the city.” 

Q spoke with us exclusively about the naughty Sex Shop Party and what fans can expect from it. Take a look.


For those who are unaware, what is Mid-Atlantic Leather and how long has it been going on?

Mid Atlantic Leather weekend in Washington, D.C. has been attracting thousands of leather men, kinksters, fetish-lovers and curious spectators from all over the world since the late 70's. 


What has been your involvement in the annual gathering thus far?

This is my first sex shop party!  I’ll be showcasing all different types of sexual exhibitions and desires.

Can you describe what the Sex Shop Party is and is it as debaucherous as it sounds?

The Sex Shop Party will take place at L8 Lounge (727 15th St., N.W.) on Friday, January 18 from 10 pm to 7 am. DJ Alex Acosta, DJ X Gonzalez and DJ Joe Pacheco will play music that help revelers dive into their darkest fantasies.  


There will be over-the-top performances, decorations and amazing lighting.  My goal is to incorporate all of these aspects while also throwing in some unexpected surprises.  It’s also important to create a safe environment where everyone feels welcome and able to be themselves without judgment or prejudice.      

What do you hope people experience the most while attending it?

We all have a wild side and the Sex Shop Party is a way to live out that fantasy. I love encouraging people to get creative and my hope is that all guys will let go of their inhibition… if only for one night!  I want even the most vanilla of gay men to join us.  We’re like going to an ice cream store – there's enough variety for everyone.

For more information on Mid-Atlantic Leather Weekend, click here.

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