Kid In Viral Hugging Video Has Gay Dads

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The two hugging boys that went viral earlier this month have now seen an even happier ending.

2-year-old buddies Maxwell and Finnegan went viral after a video of them running up to hug each other was viewed over 100 million times.


“They have a really special bond. Finnegan is Maxwell’s number one. No one comes close to him,” Maxwell’s father Michael Cisneros, who’s in a same-sex relationship, said to CBS2.

Cisneros added that the two hug every time they meet. The video that’s now been shared around the world just happened to be a random occasion with the two running a distance to meet each other.

“I pointed out that Finnegan was up the hill, and then they just took off to each other,” he said. “A great moment caught in time.”


The two families who live in Washington Heights, New York City, live one block from each other. They all met at a local restaurant a year ago and became instant friends.

“You know, at first, I guess it was a forced friendship because when they’re 1 [year old], they don’t really know what they are doing, but now, they’re inseparable. They’re together multiple times a week,” Cisneros said.

The families now celebrate birthdays together and have gone on vacation trips too. And their latest trip? Heading to LA to be on the Ellen DeGeneres show.

That’s right, this heartwarming viral video is right up Ellen’s alley, so her producers had the families fly over. While Ellen talked to the parents about how the families met, the boys climbed on couches, played with toys, and walked around the set.


But even better, DeGeneres surprised them with a big financial gift! If you want to see just how much she and her staff gifted the boys for their college education, you can watch the video below.

Sources: CBS2

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  1. Adults could learn so much from these two boys and their parents. These guys should be so proud of themselves and their little boys! This is how the whole world should be, full of kindness, and loads of love!!!


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